The NI Assembly All Party Group on Learning Disability (APGLD) was originally formed in 2009 and is a cross-political group of MLAs who come together to promote issues facing people with a learning disability and their families/ carers. 

The main aims are to influence policy, legislation and service development within Northern Ireland to actively improve the lives of individuals with a learning disability and their families/carers. 

June 2020: Briefing Paper on the Impact of Covid-19

Read the latest APGLD 2018/2019 Annual Summary Report PDF


The APGLD's main objectives are: 

  • To ensure that learning disability issues remain a priority of the NI Assembly and the NI Executive. 
  • To facilitate cross-party discussion and co-operation on matters that affect people with a learning disability and their families in NI.
  • To bring together MLAs and the learning disability sector to facilitate co-ordination on learning disability issues inside the Assembly.
  • To promote and support the rights of people with a learning disability within legislation, policy and service provision so that they and their families enjoy equal lives. 

How does it work? 

As the All Party Group is a function of the NI Assembly, it must comply with the set structures of the Standards and Privileges Committee, also the All Party Group will:

  • convene a minimum of meetings 4 times a year, encouraging input from the learning disability sector to inform the Group’s priorities. 
  • encourage and support members to contribute to the proceedings of the Assembly on learning disability issues. 
  • provide briefings on key learning disability issues for members. 
  • comply with the set structures of the Standards and Privileges Committee. 

All Party Group Stakeholder Event 

A combination of MLAs Stakeholders and the Sector including Adults with a learning disability and parents/carers came together to discuss learning disability priorities.

Watch the video to find out more.

Members and involved organisations

Who are the Chair and Deputy Chair? 

The Chair is Chris Lyttle MLA.
The Deputy Chair is Michaela Boyle MLA.  

Click here to see all members of the APGLD and their contact details in this PDF 

The Planning Committee ensure APG strategic oversight and to identify priorities and action plans for APGLD Members include:

We also have representations from parents and adults with a learning disability on this group.

Two older ladies sat together knitting

All Party Group on Learning Disability Priority Issues May 2018

Compared to their peers, people with a learning disability experience many health and social inequalities.

Without appropriate support and intervention, they are at risk of a range of poorer outcomes.

Download PDF report here.

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