What is a consultation? 

A consultation is when a public body (for example a governmental department or local council ) asks for people’s views on their proposals to change their service, policy or legislation on something. 

Why are consultations important to Mencap NI?

Consultations are a very important part of the decision-making process.  

We want to ensure that the voices of children and adults with a learning disability and their parents/carers and families who would be affected by changes are at the heart of the conversation. We want to ensure that individuals with a learning disability rights are a reality, and that are equally valued and included within the consultation process. 

Mencap respond to consultations in various ways, the most regular would be a written response. 

Mencap also host focus groups and on occasion will invite the officials who are preparing the consultation to directly listen to feedback.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to become more involved with Mencap NI consultation please contact Liam Burns, our Senior Policy & Research Officer at liam.burns@mencap.org.uk.

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