1. Why have you decided to take part in 2017’s Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

I was fortunate to do the Marathon a few years ago and I’ve done several relay stints before. Its such a great buzz and the fact so many do it for charity is just amazing.

2. Mencap is the official charity partner of the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon. We want to encourage others to get active for Mencap – what reasons would you give other people to encourage them to take on a Marathon challenge and fundraise for Mencap in the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

I’d encourage anyone to get involved and run for Mencap, be it the full Marathon or in a relay. Its a fantastic day – and you can have a real feel good factor and raise some money for a wonderful charity.

2.Why have you become an official ambassador for Mencap? Do you have any personal connections to the charity?

I coach Leah McCourt and we always discussed the amazing work that Mencap provide, I’m honoured to be involved and to help in any way I can for such an amazing Charity.


4. What would be your top reason why people should get involved and #StepUp4Mencap and what are your tips for staying active?

Staying active is about routine, its easy to fall out of a routine and sometimes harder to get back into one. Find something you enjoy doing be it running, circuit training, walking – being active crosses a whole range of activities and everyone should find something they enjoy doing.

5. What are your best words of advice for someone who is taking on a big challenge, like the marathon for Mencap?

Taking on challenges are about planning, and in particular a marathon will require preparation and training in advance of the event itself. You simply cannot expect to turn up and complete a marathon or a relay stint, plan some training sessions – even 1 long run a week and a shorter fast paced run, these will help you to prepare for the big day.

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