Eimear's story

My name is Eimear. I live in Belfast. I am 11 years old. I go to Primary School.

I know about Mencap. They are a charity that helps people with a learning disability. They are the sponsored charity for the Belfast marathon this year. My sister Caoimhe went to their nursery.

Caoimhe is funny, cute, loveable, brave and very girly. She can’t talk – she doesn’t have the same understanding as other children. She will always need to be looked after because she has Ohdo Syndrome and other disabilities

My mum is very calm, especially when Caoimhe gets sick. If I want something and my mum isn’t sure, I flutter my eyelashes and I usually get it. Mum is funny. She always looks out for us.

I am doing the marathon fun run for Mencap because Mencap helped Caoimhe. I want to help other children and to help build a new nursery so that other children can get the same support that Caoimhe got.

Aodhan's story

My name is Aodhan Shannon. I am 9 years old. I live in West Belfast and go to St Clare’s Primary School.

I want to help Mencap to raise money to help them build a new nursery so children can have fun.

Mencap help children with learning disabilities, like my sister Caoimhe.

She is funny, she has brown hair that she likes to have plaited. She falls over a lot, but she always smiles.

She makes sounds instead of words and her eyes don’t open properly.

She has problems with her hands and feet. She walks differently, so she wears special shoes to help her.

Caoimhe wears a hearing aid – she is funny and special and her best friend is Santa.

I am doing the marathon fun run to get more money for Mencap.

I want to help Mencap make the lives of children with a learning disability better.