After all with being a completely voluntary charity it’s our volunteers who run the activities, organise outings, source toys and materials, think up projects, mentor console and guide, and just generally be there when life is a bit rough.

Our volunteers also know that our team of volunteers are brilliant. Often described as a family we wind our way through each others lives: cheering each other on when times are good and holding each other up when life gets a bit hard.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have been brave and stepped out in solidarity with the LGBT community when a member expressed an interest in attending the parade.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have been part of the national Gateway Beacon project shaping the learning disability landscape for years to come.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have been running for the past 30 years – not only our Junior group but our Transition group as well offering a place of stability when all the world along changes.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be the listening ear for parents who are feeling alone or young people wondering if they are the only ones to feel different.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t support 70 young people every week to be everything they can possibly be and to be valued members of our local community.

Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have just been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – the highest honour in the UK for volunteer groups to recognise the work that our volunteers do within the community and the change that they make.

Without our volunteers we are nothing. We’re so proud of each and every one of you. We thank you and honour you for every hour served, for every week you’ve shown up and given of yourself, for every time you’ve given a kind word and a listening ear and for every time that you’ve pushed us to be more as a group and for our community.