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Mencap NI Youth Team, as part of the EA regional development fund have developed training, resources and guidance for support to local services to work with children and young people with ASD and additional needs with inclusion in mainstream youth provision. 

The training offered by Mencap NI Youth Team aims to support mainstream youth groups to become more inclusive as well as to provide staff with appropriate skills to further support the young people with additional needs and ASD accessing their services.

Trainings and Descriptions

ASD Awareness - To have a better understanding of ASD and inclusion for young people into mainstream groups. To explore Autism and the challenges young people might face. To discuss communication and the barriers young people face when socialising with peers and youth settings and to explore methods of person-centred approaches.

Disability Awareness - Enable participants to become more aware of disability and equality issues. Consider the ideas behind the models of disability. Explore attitudes and levels of awareness around disability. Discuss and explore attitudes towards, and levels of awareness about disability. OCN Accredited Training.

Inclusion – Staff feel more aware of what inclusion is like for young people in youth work. Youth work staff can identify and put strategies in place to support inclusion.


ASD triggers and strategies – To understand some of the potential triggers that young people living with ASD may encounter in a youth work setting. How to develop and implement strategies to support young people living with ASD.

Behaviours that challenge - Understand why children and young people become challenging. Recognise the different behaviours which challenge. Recognise the stages of a crisis. Describe appropriate responses to give at the different stages of behavioural crisis

Accessibility- planning and adapting practice - Learn how to make your centre more accessible , and how to adapt your documentation to meet the needs of young people with ASD and/or additional needs.


Buddy mentor training for youth - Understand disability and attitudes to disability. Understand the role of a buddy mentor. Know the skills and values required of a buddy mentor for a child or young person

These projects are funded by the Education Authority through the Regional Project Funding Strand.