Rock your socks

Celebrate World Down's Syndrome Day on the Monday 21 March 2022 by Rocking Your Socks at school, at work or with your family and friends.

Girl on a slide

Why socks?

Each year we celebrate World Down's Syndrome Day on 21 March (21/03) to recognise the 3 strands of Chromosome 21 which just happen to look like socks.

Register with us to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and Rock Your Socks.

Your Challenge

You could run 2.1 miles wearing your craziest socks, do 21 reps of 3 different exercises or design a new pair of socks to share online with your friends. Our fundraising pack comes full of ideas to help you get started!

Raise vital funds

By raising £21, £210, or even £2100, you can raise vital funds to support people with a learning disability and help us celebrate and recognise the talent and contribution people with Down Syndrome bring to our society.  

Down's syndrome

Down's syndrome is a genetic condition that usually causes some level of learning disability. It happens when there is an extra chromosome in a person's cells..

As people with Down's syndrome have 3 strands of Chromosome 21, this is why we celebrate World Down's syndrome Day by wearing odd or mismatched socks! 

Any questions?

For more information, please contact the events team:

Phone 028 9069 1351.