1.Why have you decided to take part in 2017’s Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

It is for a fantastic cause first and foremost, as well as a great motivation tool to get fit and healthy.

2.Why have you become an official ambassador for Mencap? Do you have any personal connections to the charity?

Mencap are a valued client of Mammoth, and such a prominent and successful charity in Northern Ireland, it just seemed like the perfect fit for us to become official ambassadors.

3.Mencap is the official charity partner of the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon. We want to encourage others to get active for Mencap – what reasons would you give other people to encourage them to take on a Marathon challenge and fundraise for Mencap in the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

Mencap do such incredible work in Northern Ireland, the help they give young people with learning disabilities is invaluable as well as respite they offer for families and parents – it’s a great reason to raise money. You don’t have to do it solo either – you can do the marathon as a relay team, getting colleagues or friends together for a fantastic cause helps motivate everyone involved.


4.What would be your top reason why people should get involved and #StepUp4Mencap and what are your tips for staying active?

Being active makes you feel great; we should all keep that in mind when we don’t feel like getting our running shoes on. Set yourself a fitness/exercise goal and stick to it, you can even reward yourself with a rest day or a “cheat meal” to make exercising a little bit easier. It’s also easier to stay active if you exercise with others – for example, we’ll be having some group training nights prior to the Marathon!

5.What are your best words of advice for someone who is taking on a big challenge, like the marathon for Mencap?

It may not be easy and some days it might seem like you can’t do it but just keep going, it will be so worthwhile in the end and you’ll be so proud that you did it.

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