1.Why have you decided to take part in 2017’s Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

Mencap is such a fantastic charity, taking parting the marathon I hope to raise awareness for Learning disability and the need for charities such as Mencap. 

2.Why have you become an official ambassador for Mencap? Do you have any personal connections to the charity?

Mencap will always be close to me heart as I used to work for Mencap in the fundraising department.  Being involved so closely and seeing the difference Mencap has in the lives of children and young people with a learning disability is a reason why I became an official ambassador.  I met the most amazing children and would love to continue to support people with a learning disability.

3.Mencap is the official charity partner of the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon. We want to encourage others to get active for Mencap – what reasons would you give other people to encourage them to take on a Marathon challenge and fundraise for Mencap in the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon?

I would encourage people to get out and support Mencap as all money raised stays in Northern Ireland.  It makes a huge difference in the lives of children and young people here.  The amazing Mencap Nursery, employment services, supported living and school programs help people with a learning disability live life to their full potential.  So whether it’s the fun run, relay team or full marathon, this year help make a difference and support Mencap!


4.What would be your top reason why people should get involved and #StepUp4Mencap and what are your tips for staying active?

People should take part in the marathon as Mencap need your support and help to continue their amazing services.  Mencap make such a difference in Northern Ireland and your support means that this can continue.

5.What are your best words of advice for someone who is taking on a big challenge, like the marathon for Mencap?

Keep focused on your goal and visualise running across the finish line and the feeling of accomplishment and pride.  Get up and go training even when you don’t feel like it as this will make all the difference.

Conor Boyle Q and A

Conor has been involved with Mencap since he was a child attending Segal House Nursery. Conor is great friends with James Martin and has been training every week with him to #StepUp4Mencap in his Marathon challenge.
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