Step up for Mencap

We want you to step up for Mencap by taking part in the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon and raise some money to help support more people with a learning disability in Northern Ireland, and their families.


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Register now to join #TeamMencap and take part in the 2020 Belfast City Marathon on Sunday 20 September (moved from Sunday 3 May).


Tips and resources

Find out more about the Belfast City Marathons, including fundraising and training information, and how you can get involved.

Why #MoveIt4Mencap?

Every week, 2 babies in Northern Ireland are born with a learning disability. With the right support - at the right time - these children can live full and happy lives.

Mencap opened a new, purpose built children and families centre, with all the facilities, support and information that children and young people with a learning disability and their families need under one roof.

But building the Mencap Centre is just the beginning of what we want to achieve in Northern Ireland for people with a learning disability.

Woman playing with two small children in nursery.

#MoveIt4Mencap to help:

  • support even more children with a learning disability at Mencap Children's Centre - giving more children the right support at the right time
  • launch a new family support service for the whole of Northern Ireland - making sure that when any child is diagnosed with a learning disability their family knows where to turn to for information, advice and support
  • introduce brand new "play and stay" sessions, allowing parents to come together with their children and specialists so that they can learn how to best help their child's development
  • increase the range of services we run in your local community to support children and young people with a learning disability and their families, like after school clubs and holiday pay schemes.



By challenging yourself and signing up you can help children and young people with a learning disability to live the life they choose.

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