What is the Summer Scheme Programme?

The partnership between Mencap and the Belfast Health Trust Children’s Directorate provides a much needed summer provision for children and young people with special needs.   

The summer activity programme has developed into a specialised programme as a result of the growing need to provide a service to children and young people aged between 4-18 years old with high support needs, living within the Belfast Health Trust area.  

The children referred to the programme have high support needs and no access to any school summer provision or any other service during the summer months. The child staff ratios reflect the need to effectively manage risks identified through a shared risk assessment process. 

Mencap also offers a 1 week out-and-about scheme for 15-18 year olds. This scheme enables young people with a learning disability to enjoy age appropriate activities in settings that other teenagers access. This scheme aims to promote independence and empowerment and to create a sense of belonging and achievement among the young people. It enables the young people to make new friends, build on existing friendships, grow in confidence and acquire or develop social and life skills.

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