Our campaigns in Northern Ireland

From working with politicians in changing legislation, to partnering with local organisations to highlight and share best practice, we campaign with and for people with a learning disability, to ensure their rights become a reality.

Together we want to ensure everyone with a learning disability is listened to, valued equally, and included in all aspects of society. 

All Party Group on Learning Disability 

This All Party Group allows us to take the issues faced by a person with a learning disability and their families, straight to Stormont MLA’s.

Its purpose is to promote better understanding of the raised issues, to influence policy, legislation and service developments.

Changing Places

Could you imagine that the success of a journey out with your family hinges on whether you can access a toilet or not?

Our Changing Places campaign is calling for fully accessible toilets (including a hoist, changing bench and plenty of space) to be installed in all big public places.


A Consultation is our way to ensure the voice of people with a learning disability is heard by stating our thoughts and position on proposed policies and legislation both within Stormont and public bodies.


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