We want Northern Ireland to be the best place in the world for

people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives

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Mencap NI Early Years Training Programme

Our Early Years Training Programme starts again shortly, offering a range of short courses, to enable early years practitioners to gain knowledge and strategies to better support children with a learning disability .

Check our web page HERE for more information 

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Who are the Myth Busters?

A cover model. Athletes. TV stars. Activists... And more! Meet the ambassadors who are challenging misconceptions about what living with a learning disability looks like. 

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Our new Big Plan

We’ve got some exciting new ideas for the future of Mencap. 

Find out more in our new Big Plan. 

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Employ Me: Mencap NI Briefing Paper No.4

Employment is important for people with a learning disability and this paper outlines what Mencap is doing to improve outcomes for people with a learning disability in Northern Ireland through our employment and personal development services.

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